We work in close collaboration with ourcustomers in order to offer them integral solution to cover all their surface-related needs.


We offer a complete range of productos, especially designed for hotels, airports, offices, restaurants, hospitals and grat projects, incorporating floors, doors, furniture and dividing panels in harmoniously aesthetic scenery, with quality as a common factor.

Tacon Decor has a wide array of decorative laminates thought to satisfy all your surfacing needs: laminates for decorative panels, floors, to be applied in kitchens, home, etc.


The standard Tacon Decor range has been complemented with laminates especially adapted to the 'contract' channel:

Fire-resistant laminates: we offer C and B laminates, compying with the CTE(Technical Building Requirement). All our laminates are tested under the norms UNE EN ISO 11925-2:2002 and UNE EN 13825:2002.


Application areas: hotels, airports, offices, etc.


Antimicrobial laminates: based on silver antimicrobial properties, Tacon Decor has developed special laminates with antimicrobial treatment. Very effective against staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. Laminates tested under norms JIS Z 2801:2000.


Application areas: hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc.



Low migration-level laminates: especially designed to be in direct contact with food. These laminates are tested following the by-law RD 866:2008.


Application areas: hotels, restaurants, school refectories, etc.