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Collaboration agreement between Lamitech and Tacondecor

  • lunes, 25 de mayo de 2015

In the aim of searching for integral solutions for our customers, Tacon Decor S.L. and Lamitech have come to a collaboration agreement in order to offer the widest range of decorative surfacing products.

Lamitech, one of the worldwide leaders in the production of High Pressure Laminates, and Tacon Decor S.L., expert in decorative surfacing solutions, join forces and synergies to present an endless possibility catalogue in the world of contract, decoration and equipment. This collaboration makes us possible to provide products such as:

• HPL laminates. Standing out, high gloss and deep structures.

• CPL laminates.

• Chromacore laminates.

• Compact laminates.

• Ventilated facades.

• High chemical resistant laminates.

• Antibacterial laminates.

• Decorative foils.

• Edgebandings.

The whole sales team of Tacon Decor S.L. is devoted to help our customers know these new possibilities with advanced solutions and a high range of decorative products.