About Us

Tacon Decor supplies its customers with a complete range of decorative surfacing products. We manufacture melamine and polyester-based products, supplied in edges, sheets or rolls, both for flat and wrapping applications.  
Our more than 40 years of experience, as well as the use of state-of-the-art technologies and an unbeatable service, allow us to guarantee the quality of our products and to keep a well deserved prestige in the market. Our commercial trademarks TACON and MELAM are worldwide recognized as synonymous of quality, design, guarantee and service.
Since the very beginning in 1968, the company goal has been to solve our customer’s needs with high quality, tailor-made products, an efficient service and flexibility in every sense.Throughout these years we have extended our plant to the present 9,900 acres.

We are always thinking in diversifying and improving our production lines. We have advanced at the demanding pace of the actual times regarding technology and research, with the aim of offering more and more efficient solutions to our customers.

In TACON DECOR we are aware that product innovation is essential to grow, and therefore we dedicate all our efforts to research and development. Our customer service vocation and the fast evolution of the markets demand a creative, flexible and efficient research.
Our strong international focus has made us to be present in more than 50 countries. This global presence, through our distribution network and local support, make Tacon Decor to be the first choice for moulding producers, post-formers, wood panel and other manufacturers. More than 50% of our turnover is export
All this make us to be one of the biggest producers of complements and solutions of the furniture and building sectors at a worldwide level.
We have a great capacity to adapt ourselves to the needs of the markets and customers thanks to a dynamic, flexible and globally integrated organization.
Our commitment with the customers can be measured through the success of their creative and constructive improvement and through the acceleration of their production processes.
TACON DECOR always proposes innovative solutions and reaches objectives previously hard to imagine.