High quality and design can be seen in all our products.

Forty years of technology, along with the latest advances in impregnation and lamination, have given us a wide range of products.

We offer flat edges and laminates (thick and thin) from ultra matt to high gloss finishes, super flexible laminates and AC5 resistant products for floors.

We have been able to develop specific products for different applications using both our knowledge of the market, design and applications, and, valuable customer input. Our products have many applications, including kitchens, doors, floors and big premises such as schools, libraries or museums.


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TACON edgebandings

Our edgebandings are manufactured with decorative paper and a backing which are impregnated with a polyester resin and pressed together. It is supplied in rolls. The upper polyester layer provides excellent protection against impact and water. This is a product with a great visual effect; it transmits beauty and warmth, not only to the eye but also to the touch. This is the perfect edgebanding thanks to its quality, ease of application and suitability for after treatment (such as lacquering). Moreover, it matches melamine boards perfectly. A large choice of structures and engraved pores are available, as well as different gloss grades.

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MELAM edgebandings

Melam is a three-layer edgebanding impregnated with melamine resins. It is supplied in rolls. It is the perfect match for melamine boards because it uses the same design. Its wide range of finishes - pores, structures and different gloss grades – makes it match melamine boards perfectly. Also, the melamine resins give it the same durability and appearance as the melamine boards. The MELAM edgebandings are the perfect complement for boards covered with melamine impregnated papers.

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Unilayer edgebandings

Edgebanding made of impregnated and lacquered paper. It is supplied in rolls. This product has a standard decor range which covers the most popular designs at very competitive prices. This is an edgebanding with the same high quality that TACON DECOR demands from all its products. 

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