Digital Printing

Tacon Decor, innovative manufacturer of continuous decorative laminates, takes a step further in the customization of its products.

Tacon Decor Digital is the best way to express your idea or particular project in the production of decorative laminates. Just give us your digital file and we will transform your ideas and projects into reality.

  • Let your creativity come true. If it can be envisioned it can be made.
  • Whether a photo taken by you, a scanned image or a professionally designed clip-art illustration, all of them can become a Tacon Decor product.
  • Our whole range of products can be customized by means of our groundbreaking digital management system. Wrapping laminates for profiles, chairs, tables, doors, etc. decorative foils and edge bandings, all of them can carry your idea a project into the world of interior design.
  • Your project, your idea, your emotion, all of them can come to life with Tacon Decor digital technology.
  • Our innovate process allows us to put in our customers' hands a product fully adapted to the market reality.
  •  High productivity and costs adjusted to uor customers' needs is our industrial commitment to digital technology.
  • Let emotions become part of your life, your working space, your home. Tacon Decor put at your disposal a highly professional team for you to make them real.

Your creativity will know no limits. A whole new world of possibilities opens up for interior designers specialized in working and collective spaces thanks to our digitally customized products for the chair industry.

Download our of digital printing catalogue