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Advantages and applications of HPL laminate using digital printing

Advantages and applications of HPL laminate using digital printing

The choice of an HPL laminate that features digital printing is an innovative system in the laminate and coatings sector. Years of development have gone into adapting it to the market requirements of the 21st century.

There are many applications that are compatible with HPL laminates, combining the qualities of the design for digital printing with the advantages of high-pressure laminates.

As you can tell, the intended uses for the end product will clearly provide both a high resistance and the possibility of making different spaces stand out.

Digital printing doesn’t exclude serial production in any way meaning that it’s just as suitable for customising furniture or signage as it is for giving a hotel chain or restaurant franchise its own identity. Find out more about this section in the contract section.

This technique, known as Digital HLP/CPL, is the fruit of research carried out by work teams such as the one at Tacon Decor. Its managers clearly summarise their objective: “we want to do away with the limitations of design and quantities so that architects, interior designers and designers feel free when they are creating”.

Applications of HPL/CPL laminate

The HPL digital technique has several applications. We’ll list the main ones for you below:

  • doors: both the leaf and the frames feature the same printed paper, which results in a homogeneous end product
  • tables: for offices, classrooms and furniture manufacturers in general. The formats can be adapted up to 1650 millimetres to achieve the purest Google style.
  • worktops: for kitchens in houses that have their own style, for important chefs with Michelin stars and to elevate customisation to the ultimate expression
  • catering companies: bar and restaurant chains benefit from industrially customised designs. The 1300 and 1400 mm widths are the most popular in this market niche.
  • publicity: producers of beer and other consumer goods who want their trademarks to feature on tables, doors, floors, etc. This can be done with AC3, AC4 and AC5 resistances.
  • caravans: customised panels provide a distinctive touch in the caravan sector, which is currently souring in Europe in general and especially in Spain.

Advantages of HPL / CPL digital printing

There are many advantages to coverings made with digital printing. The main two are, on the one hand, flexibility regarding measurements and adaptations. On the other hand, the high potential for customising environments.

We will continue to list the strengths of conventional types of laminates:

  1. regarding the environment: the printing is water-based and there are no solvents, making the result less harmful for the planet upon which we live
  2. large format: digital printing allows quality to be preserved, even when dealing with unusual dimensions. Production can be in a roll format with a maximum width of up to 1650 mm.
  3. small series: we work with the same dedication, whether we’re dealing with a large franchise or a SME. We adapt the machinery to small series so that all of our customers have access to customisation.
  4. HPL and CPL: digital printing at Tacon Decor is suitable for high-pressure laminates, continuous laminates (CPL) and also for decorative foils.
  5. interior design catalogue: for those who lack both the time and resources to come up with their own design, we have a range of suggestions that will be helpful in finding a solution for the project proposed.

File requirements

Tacon Decor creates customised projects and modifies existing ones to improve expectations. All upon demand.

We also have our own suggestions to help with the creation of a collection.

If you need a manufacturing company that does HPL digital, take into account the following technical requirements when preparing a file:

  • format: vector, TIFF, pdf, etc.
  • minimum resolution: 300 ppi
  • minimum or maximum quantities: there are no limitations, whatever the user requires.

For more details on this type of projects, please contact our team of specialists .