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Antibacterial coating to create safer spaces

Antibacterial coating to create safer spaces

The global pandemic brings new life forms, in which the antibacterial coating will become an essential element.

The coronavirus has taught us that we cannot see bacteria. However, it has made very clear the damage they can cause if they are not eliminated. In the first place they generate diseases. Second, they aggravate the situation of patients at risk. In third and last term they can reinforce the appearance of allergies.

With this background in mind, Tacondecor has developed an antibacterial coating based on active silver ions. With this finish the feeling of tranquility is facilitated and healthier environments are favored.

Our high pressure laminate with antibacterial properties will reduce germs on high use surfaces such as tables, worktops, chairs, doors, windowsills & mouldings.

Thanks to the development of Tacondecor technology, the treatment of silver ion coatings makes surfaces highly effective for disinfecting bacteria.

In this way, we contribute to protecting the spaces where many people live daily.

Spaces in which to apply the antibacterial coating

The use of surfaces treated with antibacterial coating is of special importance in high traffic areas.

Asepsis was already an important requirement in some places, such as hospitals or medical centers. After the passage of the Covid-19 it becomes essential.

Below we list some of the spaces in which the antibacterial finish should be present:

  • schools,
  • hospitals,
  • laboratories,
  • residences,
  • malls,
  • food industries,
  • Offices,
  • etc.

Pathogen-free buildings will become safer spaces. Consequently, even if the furniture has been used previously by other people, the risk of contagion from a virus will be considerably reduced.

Tacondecor allows antibacterial properties to be applied to the entire range of products it manufactures. The objective is to satisfy the needs of those who require a high degree of resistance to the growth of bacteria.

For a surface to be properly protected, regardless of the frequency with which regular cleaning is carried out, the antibacterial coating is the best prevention.

How does the antibacterial laminate work?

Tacondecor’s antibacterial coatings give extra security on a daily basis.

Silver ions and other chemicals penetrate to reach the bacteria, slowing its multiplication.

“When germs come in contact with the surface of an item of furniture, they can penetrate the surface that covers it. That is why the antibacterial laminate allows the coatings to be highly effective in disinfecting bacteria ”, explains the Tacondecor specialists.

By using our antibacterial laminates it is possible to reduce the amount of time and expense required to clean and disinfect surfaces. Our products retain high levels of antibacterial properties without needing the same amount of effort cleaning and treating the surface.

Architecture and interior design professionals should keep in mind that the antibacterial coating can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces.
The design aesthetics are not affected by the Tacondecor antibacterial finish.

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