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Dynamism as an advantage

Door covering

The capacity for innovation in the doors sector is a challenge for us. Dynamism becomes an advantage for offering constructive solutions in these elements, respecting the design and maintaining resistance.



We use resistant materials which give durability to the finish


We combine colours, designs and textures which are at the forefront of the sector


Coordinated team in order to be the first to respond to you


Solutions for all cases and for all budgets


We are the only European manufacturer which uses a polyester base for a perfect finish. Our investment in the development of this material shows in the result.


Discover the extensive range of melamine finishes for your designs. This aminoplastic resin is resistant to high temperatures, ultraviolet light and antibacterial properties.

We produce solutions.
Different professionals require customised responses



  • Tacon Decor is turning 50 and, to celebrate this, it is launching a website and offering a new corporate image. These advances reflect the company’s capacity to innovate and adapt to new times. Its professional team is specialised in providing integral solutions for decorative and interior design projects and designs....

  • Tacon Decor receives the Innovation Award 2017 from the Burgos Confederation of Business Associations in the SME’s sector for its project “Digital printing for short series in a water-based system”. It is the result of two years of intense work with originality as the flagship....