Empresa | Tacon Decor
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Who we are

We create integral solutions for construction projects which require attention to detail. In 2017 we received one of the FAE Innovation Awards, as recognition of the dedicated research work with which we improve both processes and products.

Based in Burgos, we have an international network of distributors, making us a benchmark company in the sector, combining respect for the original with professional development in construction, decoration and interior design areas.

A team of committed professionals who understand the clients’ needs, materials which guarantee quality and a streamlined production process are the key values of this company.

The trajectory of Tacon Decor S. L. began in 1968 and right up to the present day has not ceased to innovate in all of its developments. Since then and up until today, we respect our clients’ freedom of choice, adapting to their requirements and to those of the markets thanks to a dynamic and flexible organisation in order to perfect the work carried out.


All of our company’s processes are subjected to a strict quality control. The evolution of the sector has caused us to grow with the objective of exceeding ourselves, which is why investment in R&D and the constant training of the team are fundamental pillars in order to achieve the support of our clients.

Aware of the importance of looking after the planet on which we live, TACON DECOR S.L., expresses the commitment to maintain the Chain of Custody requirements of the FSC® standard, in order to collaborate in the promotion of consumption of wood from responsibly managed forests, in accordance with FSC® principles and criteria. In order to get it, TACON DECOR S.L. is certified with the license number FSC-C110624.

We condemn the destruction of high conservation values in forested areas, as well as the introduction of genetically modified organisms in said areas. Our model is based on sustainable growth.

At Tacon Decor we guarantee that we are not involved, directly or indirectly, in massive tree felling or illegal timber trading. Neither do we form part of irregular forest processes nor violations of human rights in this type of operations.