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Custom-made manufacturing

Committed to your ideas

When faced with the range of materials offered by the market, the path towards choosing the best option for a project is difficult. That’s why we offer a service for providing customised solutions thanks to the transversality of the company and the links created with other industrialists. We produce materials, we produce solutions.



Explain the requirements of your project

Get excited

Trust in the proposals put forward by our technical team


Define which option goes best with your design


Receive your order for a unique final finish

We produce solutions.
Different professionals require customised responses


We have laminates with antimicrobial treatment for the covering of spaces within hotels, obtaining a feeling of lasting cleanliness.

Commercial installations

We have a deep knowledge of the contact required by restaurants, school canteens, hospitals, etc. with food products. For this reason our laminates are assessed in accordance with the current standard.

equipamiento comercial



  • Tacon Decor is turning 50 and, to celebrate this, it is launching a website and offering a new corporate image. These advances reflect the company’s capacity to innovate and adapt to new times. Its professional team is specialised in providing integral solutions for decorative and interior design projects and designs....

  • Tacon Decor receives the Innovation Award 2017 from the Burgos Confederation of Business Associations in the SME’s sector for its project “Digital printing for short series in a water-based system”. It is the result of two years of intense work with originality as the flagship....

  • The Maderalia International Fair 2018 is a key event for the furniture and decoration sector. For this reason Tacon Decor will dedicate this occasion to presenting its new image, the revival of its website and the latest developments in digital design that the company has been carrying out over the last few years....

  • ...

  • The edges for panels are elements which determine the quality of a product. This final finish has to be long-lasting and appropriate for the design. As such, the selection of the material with which it is manufactured will determine its resistance level. The collections of......

  • Professionals seeking tailor-made products are usually creating something innovative. Furthermore, designers who work with series production explore ways to be original. In both cases differentiation is sought to stand out from the competition. Creation is a process in which the creator wishes to add a......

  • We have reinvented decorative coatings. Forget the classic coating style and think big. In Tacon Decor we help you to make your dreams come true with integral solutions. The services which truly make a difference are customised ones. Just like those who wear a tailor-made......

  • How to cover pieces of furniture with melamine to achieve a distinctive touch. Tacon Decor took part in the television programme “Hecho en Castilla y Leon”, where they explained, step by step, the production process in their factory in Burgos. The lamination service is for......

  • The choice of an HPL laminate that features digital printing is an innovative system in the laminate and coatings sector. Years of development have gone into adapting it to the market requirements of the 21st century. There are many applications that are compatible with HPL......

  • Busy at the work tables in the centre for rural appreciation (Spanish acronym: CAR) in Madrid you can find artists, researchers, rural and wildlife officers, etc. This diversity means that the equipment needs to be durable and easy to clean. The wide range of users......