Customised decorative laminate: real example in a University Hall of Residence | Tacon Decor
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Customised decorative laminate: real example in a University Hall of Residence

Customised decorative laminate: real example in a University Hall of Residence

At Tacon Decor we love challenges and customised decorative laminate is one of our favourites.

Let’s take a look at a practical example: first, close your eyes and imagine an oil painting. Then, open them and look at the door in your room. Imagine it were blank, like a canvas. Then, transfer the painting that you imagined onto this piece of furniture. Do you think that’s possible? As incredible as it sounds, the answer is yes. This means that any design that comes to mind can be reproduced on the piece of furniture of your choice.

Now, it’s time to tell you about a real case. Among our most recent projects is the customised decorative laminate that we did for the Complutense University in Madrid

This differentiating element is already being enjoyed at the Antonio de Nebrija Hall of Residence. Its music room has a unique design implemented by the project’s architect.

The digital design, carried out by Tacon Decor, involved adapting an oil painting to a decorative laminate on wood.

The site management for the installation project was carried out by the Technical Projects Unit of the Site Management and Maintenance Department at the Complutense University in Madrid.

Now we’ve introduced the project, let’s get to the visual part. The door features the tones from the painting and these match the tones of the wall which is directly opposite, painted dark in colour.

“The digitalised work transforms into a decorative element on the door, creating, in turn, a dialogue with the space”, Tacon Decor explains.

At the moment, the Music Room at the Antonio de Nebrija Hall of Residence is used as a rehearsal space, both for music and theatre, by the 115 students who live here.

How to customise your decorative laminate

You don’t need futuristic machines to customise your decorative laminate, you just need to have carried out thorough research into digital printing applied to coatings. The team at Tacon Decor has been working on this task for years.

The process can be applied to any of the laminates that we produce, including the large format ones. The only thing that we need is for the end client to provide the image.

Currently, the customisation of decorative laminate is one of the main advantages of the service for customers as it gives the result a unique and unrepeatable identity.

The properties of the product are not lost. In the project at the Hall of Residence, the decorative laminate was CPL, with a surface that is resistant to use and cleaning. We sought out provisions that tolerated a high degree of use, given that over one hundred people would be using the room each course. Consequently, we opted for production with a light texture to create the image.

“In the world of art, as in the whole of creation, freedom and progress are the main objectives”. This is a quote from Beethoven, we applied it to the letter in the Music Room of a prestigious university in Madrid.

Now it’s time for you to create. Tell us your idea at