Decorative coatings reinvented in integral solutions | Tacon Decor
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Decorative coatings reinvented in integral solutions

Decorative coatings reinvented in integral solutions

We have reinvented decorative coatings. Forget the classic coating style and think big. In Tacon Decor we help you to make your dreams come true with integral solutions.

The services which truly make a difference are customised ones. Just like those who wear a tailor-made suit, made exclusively for the one physique, the one shape, the one style… Your design can also have customised finishes.

In an increasingly competitive world, making the difference will make you stand out. Decorative coatings can be based on a project with a line which acts as a leitmotif or, on the contrary, in different final products which require specific laminates.

The ultimate solution

Integral solutions for decorative coatings take into account the factors which determine the final result of the project. As such, tacondecor presents the ultimate solution.

Decorative coatings frequently depend on the type of applications. Ranging from the most difficult curve to the sharpest corner. We take resistances into account and the application of a wide range of radii.

We ask about the applications intended for the article in order to determine technical aspects such as ultra matte, antibacterial capacity, fireproofing power, etc.

We provide manufacturers and designers of doors, chairs and other furniture with ideas for the fittings they have in mind.

Would you like some examples of the products available in Tacon Decor? By way of example: edge, foil, HPL, CPL, Extraflex and CPL surface.
The collection is also known for the diversity of designs and textures we offer to fit in with all styles.

The best is still to come: the integral solutions we consider are more economic than you think, in particular when working on a large scale. The exposure you can achieve with this service is as high as you wish.

Only one key requirement is missing for the creation of the future decorative coatings: letting us know which main feature defines your project. Our team  offers you the solution which fits best.