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New collection SYNC decorative laminate

New collection SYNC decorative laminate

The new collection of decorative laminates, developed by Tacondecor, expands the SYNC reference catalogue. These are coatings with which an image of extraordinary naturalness is evoked, evoking the wood.

In response to the latest interior design trends, we updated the SYNC collection with four new laminates based on natural elements: we are talking about three oak woods and one stucco. With them, we bring warmth to the room where the coating is applied.

In total there are seven references designed to promote the furniture sector towards a new wood line, with unique results that guarantee the comfort of the room.

“Our SYNC range is the decorative alternative to natural wood with its synchronized appearance and an unbeatable touch”, explains the Tacondecor staff who have worked on the R&D development of the project.

The new collection of SYNC decorative laminates: for doors and space provision

After months of inspiration, the search for ideas to renovate spaces led us to expand the offer of the SYNC collection, where currently seven different references can be found.

These coatings have been designed primarily for application on doors, interpreting them as a true decorative element. A step into the room that with its image already conveys what the visitor will find inside.

However, it is not the only purpose, as the new collection of decorative laminates is adapted to the most demanding interior design projects. Thus, the application can be carried out on any element such as furniture, walls, etc.

Colour diversity ranges from the lightest shades to the darkest. Therefore, they allow a sensory journey for professionals in architecture, interior design and cabinetmaking. This opens up a wide range of possibilities with the new SYNC collection of decorative laminates so that customization is not an option, but a guarantee.

In conclusion, the update of the SYNC collection offers new ways to redesign original and versatile interior spaces.

If you ask our specialists ( ) the Tacondecor team will help you choose the best place to place these coatings.