Residencia Claraval | Tacon Decor
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Claraval Residence

About This Project

The technical requirements of the Claraval Residence project demanded high-resistance products which were defined by the development team of the contract company along with the Tacon Decor team.

Covering elements were applied to furniture, doors and the work areas of kitchens.

Low-thickness CPL laminates were used on the doors. The coordination of the technical and decorative solution was a challenge.

The desks were covered with high-resistance HPL laminate with the centrepiece coordinated with the decoration used. Our Colour Core range was the response.

Finally, a technological solution, fruit of Tacon Decor’s collaboration with companies from the sector, was the application of compact 8 mm laminate in the areas more susceptible to come into contact with water (splashback).

To find out more about the solution applied, please contact our commercial team.

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