Hotel AC Cuzco | Tacon Decor
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Hotel AC Cuzco

  • Hotel Cuzco
  • Hotel Cuzco
  • Hotel Cuzco
  • Hotel Cuzco
About This Project

The renovation of the Hotel AC Cuzco was completed through close collaboration with the contract area of the hotel chain.

The interior space was renovated by applying integral and decorative solutions. The integral solution encompassed the provision of a low-thickness technical laminate for the redressing of walls and furniture and a high-resistance CPL laminate for wear areas such as desks and luggage stands.

The decorative solution was achieved with a design from our Sync range for the redressing of the walls and digital printing for the high-demand surfaces, which enabled the coordination of tones, wooden appearance and textures with the covering of the walls.

To find out more about the technical solution, please contact our commercial team.

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