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Tacondecor, responsible manufacturing: reducing impact on the carbon footprint

Tacondecor, responsible manufacturing: reducing impact on the carbon footprint

Tacondecor is an environmentally responsible company. Several factors support this statement.

Environmentally friendly criteria are used in its production processes. TACON DECOR SL, expresses the commitment to maintain the Chain of custody requirements of the FSC® Standard, in order to collaborate in the promotion of consumption of wood from responsibly managed forests, in accordance with FSC® principles and criteria. In order to get it, TACON DECOR S.L. is certified with the license number FSC-C110624.

The company condemns deforestation and rejects the introduction of genetically modified organisms in forest areas.

This concept should not be confused with the ecological footprint, which is also an indicator of sustainability. The ecological footprint is an index that allows us to know the effect that our demand for natural resources has on the environment.

Climate change caused by the large amount of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere is a very real environmental problem. The consequences are being increasingly noticed. Reducing these emissions and, therefore, the carbon footprint is vital to protect biodiversity, as well as a global challenge. Tacondecor has assumed our part of the responsibility for the productive activity that we pursue, and we have introduced different measures to be a responsible company focused on environmental issues by using timber sourced from sustainable forests.

The rool of wood

The fight against climate change has long been a topical issue. The material to be used in the manufacturing processes of the products is an aspect of great relevance. The choice of materials has been through various stages of evolution.

For a time, furniture and panel manufacturers opted for the PVC plastic edge. However, being a material from petroleum, it causes great environmental damage. There is currently a trend towards the use of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). However, it should be noted that this also causes serious damage to the natural environment.

The trend in the furniture sector is the use of cellulose rather than PVC or ABS. Paper from wood is currently the best option to reduce the impact of the carbon footprint and be a responsible company focused on environmental issues by using timber sourced from sustainable forests. As we will see later, paper is the component that we at Tacondecor have chosen for our manufacturing procedures.

So why is wood a good resource to reduce the impact of the carbon footprint? Trees are natural purifiers. They reduce and remove CO2 from the atmosphere by replacing it with oxygen and, at the same time, store it. This means two things. Firstly, the carbon footprint on wood and the resulting raw material is very low. Secondly, it does not emit greenhouse gases in any of the treatment processes during its useful life, nor after recycling or reuse.

Thus, wood and its derivatives are natural materials with immense potential in production processes. In addition, they allow reducing the carbon footprint in them.

At Tacondecor, paper is used to manufacture our decorative solutions. We are a company which uses only sustainable resources and are committed to the social and environmental field to guarantee the future of Planet Earth.