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Tacon Decor, founding partner of Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0

Tacon Decor, founding partner of Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0

Tacon Decor is one of the founding partners of the recent creation Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0. The managers of this company specialising in coverings and laminates jumped at the chance to form a part of this project which reinforces intercompany relationships.

Digital Innovation HUB Industry 4.0 was devised to help small and medium-sized enterprises in digital transformation processes as well as to encourage the adoption of enabling technologies from Industry 4.0. The idea started to form in 2018 and just one year later has been brought to life. In Burgos the Digital Innovation Hub is referred to by the acronym DIHBU 4.0.

‘The incorporation of digital technologies via different networking activities in the digital ecosystem is the main value that Tacon Decor saw in the Digital Hub,’ the company managers explained.

Through reports, its creators detected a need to encourage digital transformation in companies in Castile-León. That’s how this new group, formed by renowned companies, came to focus part of its efforts on providing consultation services in different technological spheres.

‘We must help, as far as we can, to coordinate the efforts of provincial and regional industry,’ remarked the management of Tacon Decor.

For this reason, the association Digital Innovation HUB Industry 4.0 has been formed by companies with both a national and international scope, providing a meeting point for experts from different subject areas. The companies set up work groups that cover the different technologies under Industry 4.0 with the aim of enhancing the quality of digital transformation.

The management at Tacon Decor told us about the work groups they are in: one is based on cybersecurity and the other on attracting talent.

‘We try to participate on a level that our knowledge and availability allow, contributing and digesting ideas,’ Tacon Decor concluded.

Scope of Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0

The Digital Innovation Hub is not exclusive to Burgos. First of all, the service is offered to the whole autonomous region of Castile-León. This means that the efforts of those involved are all pointing in the same direction.

Secondly, this specialised consultation service is not only available to its members. In fact, any company that requires these advancements or services can request an appointment for consultation.

Finally, everything is included in the same digital strategy in order to reach common goals. The systems that centralise the contents are coordinated from the Digital Transformation Office.

Objectives of DIHBU Industry 4.0

The goals of DIHBU Industry 4.0 are set out in a Strategy Plan that is to be put into practice between 2019 and 2022. Tacon Decor, like the rest of their partners in the group, have nominated specialised staff to achieve these goals:

  1. Mission: to be a reference for companies that require innovative solutions in the field of Industry 4.0, helping to close the gap between research and industry.
  2. Vision: to boost Castile-León’s competitive edge by introducing new technologies and increasing the level of automation in the manufacturing sphere.
  3. Ambition: to facilitate the incorporation of Industry 4.0 technologies by SMEs in the manufacturing sectors of Castile-León by bringing together value chain actors and encouraging collaborative R&D.

Made up of twenty-four public and private companies, the group is currently working to find new members who will make this association even stronger.

Its official presentation took place at the Castile-León Technology Institute (ITCL). It was attended by representatives of the ITCL, the FAE, the Castile-León Institute for Business Competitiveness, the Ministry for Industry and Tacon Decor, among others.

The region of Castile-León is fortunate to have another two digital innovation groups. DIHBU Industry 4.0 stands out for being the first to be created and focused exclusively on the industrial sector.

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