Tacondecor novelties: new Export Manager
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Tacondecor novelties: the company signs Manuel Domínguez Marsal, new Export Manager

Tacondecor novelties: the company signs Manuel Domínguez Marsal, new Export Manager

The Tacondecor novelties come from the hand of a new signing: the new Export Manager.

Manuel Domínguez Marsal has a degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in International Trade Management. He speaks 4 languages and has considerable experience in the furniture industry.

Tacondecor, manufacturer of decorative laminates, is a consolidated company and leader in both the national and international markets. With this new addition to the team, the service to companies in the sector is improved.

Question – Welcome Manuel, how do you feel in your new position?

Answer – I have arrived with a great desire to do my job well and thus achieve growth for the company at an international level.

Q. – What are Tacondecor’s main challenges in the short, medium and long term?

A. – In the short term, maintain service excellence in the face of challenges that affect transportation and the scarcity of raw materials. In the medium term, present a more structured offer to the market, with the aim of increasing our global market share. And in the long term, to continue being industry benchmarks in innovation and providing personalized solutions to our customers.

Q. – At what point do you consider the sector is, after the global change brought about by the pandemic?

A. – The market is moving towards an increase in quality, at reasonable costs. Customers prize fast lead times and low minimum quantities to reduce storage costs. This new scenario must be combined with the novelties in Tacondecor.

Q. – What alliances do you consider strategic both in Spain and in other countries of the world?

A. – Fashion in decoration is decided by the big panel manufacturers, our goal is to complement their offer based on the fact that they can provide a better and more complete service to the market.

Tacondecor novelties: the path to a more sustainable production

Q. – Based on the sustainable manufacturing carried out by Tacondecor, what contributions do you consider most relevant to caring for the environment?

A. – We established a KWH reduction target for each unit of sale. In 2008 and 2013, a 1,000 KWp photovoltaic system was installed. We plan to make a new photovoltaic investment for electricity self-consumption that covers 15% of the company’s energy demand, with an impact on the reduction of CO2, estimated at 187 tons.

We are also committed to recycling and waste reduction. To do this, we are installing a biomass boiler, which will allow us to reduce 1,800 tons of CO2 emissions, as well as 1,100 tons of waste to landfill.

In addition, we have the FSC Forest Certification. Our manufacturing uses cellulose as a raw material, so we guarantee that they come from responsible felling of trees. All our products have been based on the use of paper, even when the market was betting on plastics; Now the market is replacing these plastics with more sustainable products, so we have the right products for the new demand in the sector.

Likewise, we are taking steps in the circular economy from the point of view of giving a second chance to furniture, doors and clean work.

Q. – Where are the new decorative trends pointing?

R. – The trends of recent years are maintained: natural colours, both wood and stone, with finishes and textures imitating nature. The glosses lose strength and return to the silky-touch anti-fingerprint super mattes, soft finishes imitating well-crafted wood with nuances. The market will be more demanding with the Perfect Match, since the components are as important as the main product. For example, that the bedroom door is of the same design and finish as its frame (same, not similar).
We are working on these concepts and providing solutions that are very well received by the market. At the end, nature always provides us with touches of balance and beauty that we must try to reproduce, that is our objective in R&D&i, what we offer to the market is still “high-performance wood”, preserving the use of noble woods and therefore helping its conservation.