Tableros a medida o en serie, pero siempre personalizables con impresión digital | Tacon Decor
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Tailor-made or series laminates, however also customisable using digital printing

Tailor-made or series laminates, however also customisable using digital printing

Professionals seeking tailor-made products are usually creating something innovative. Furthermore, designers who work with series production explore ways to be original. In both cases differentiation is sought to stand out from the competition.

Creation is a process in which the creator wishes to add a very personal touch. The designer is faced with technical requirements to be met without overlooking the final customer. The demands made on them are varied and, at times, contradictory which is why in Tacon Decor we encourage the freedom to be creative. This freedom is customisation using digital printing.

Laminates, coatings, tailor-made panels or series production are given a breath of fresh air. Large formats have reaped the benefits of this service. Digital printing is applied to the manufacture of worktops, door widths, collective equipment or working areas.

New horizons for tailor-made laminates

Digital printing is an evolution of Tacon Decor. Melamine impregnation resins are used which are adapted to the final product giving free rein to your imagination.

This service is widely used by cafés, restaurants, hotels, residences and other companies who seek to have their own hallmark on their furniture. The objective is to open new horizons for the furniture sector with the customisation of designs.

Digital printing can be applied to mouldings, tables, doors, chairs, edges, decorative foils and in many other applications. As such: we take your idea or project to the design of interiors which will make you stand out from the rest.

Finally, it must be remembered that this process maintains the surface resistance capacity, equating to CPL laminates, however with continuous digital printing.

Tacon Decor’s digital printing service is being developed in Burgos (Spain) after two years of intense work and an investment close to one million euros.

The entire project has been referred to as “Digital printing for short series in a water-based system” and was given the Award for Innovation by the Confederation of Business Associations in 2017.

Its official presentation to the sector was made during the Maderalia trade fairs. Likewise, this important progress was included in the Materials Library of the Technology Institute Furniture Wood Packaging (AIDIMA).

Would you like to try the digital printing service for laminates? Tell us about your project.