Mesas de trabajo para acercar el medio rural a Madrid | Tacon Decor
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Work tables designed to bring the countryside to Madrid

Work tables designed to bring the countryside to Madrid

Busy at the work tables in the centre for rural appreciation (Spanish acronym: CAR) in Madrid you can find artists, researchers, rural and wildlife officers, etc. This diversity means that the equipment needs to be durable and easy to clean. The wide range of users and topics covered in this work space is what determines the selection of materials.

Versatile work tables are what were suggested for outfitting this centre. Here, there is a clear alignment between the CAR and its objective: to link urban and rural life through art.

This proposal has been described as “almost unique in the current setting”, according to information gathered by La Vanguardia.

“Casa Campo Adentro” was inaugurated in October 2018 in the district of Ciudad Lineal. The building covers an area of 260 square metres and belongs to the Community of Madrid and the Spanish Ministry for Education, Culture and Sport. These institutions have authorised the use of the building for an initial period of five years. If all goes well, this period can be extended by a further five years.

The association Campo Adentro Inland has been responsible for the activities carried out in the building since they won the public tender, combining cultural, research and training events.

Going back to the setting itself, the equipment needs to be able to withstand different creative processes, workshops for children and adults, as well as performances and exhibitions.

Taking into account the innovative nature of this concept, Tacon Decor jumped at the chance to join in with the initiative. The materials supplied by this laminate and coverings company, with Finsa as their partner, have resulted in a versatile, multi-purpose space.

Top Touch work tables

Our high-tech Top Touch covering is the material used on the work tables at the CAR in Madrid.

‘These coverings are highly ergonomic as their ultra-matt texture prevents light from reflecting directly or indirectly,’ the project managers explained.

The main advantages offered by the use of this material in work table coverings are:

  • scratch resistance
  • longer service life in terms of wear and tear and the passing of time
  • a fingerprint-resistant finish
  • easy cleaning
  • improved maintenance

Top Touch is one of the most advanced laminate solutions with eight colours and two textures to choose from. This type of covering is ideal for workplaces where light is a decisive factor. It is included in the Tacon Decor materials catalogue and a team of specialists offers advice to help customers choose.

The length of the laminate and its combination with the thickness of the final application are adapted to the needs of each individual customer, making serial production unnecessary.

In this real case, the work tables at the CAR are the result of top quality work. When choosing coverings, the purpose for which the furniture was to be used was taken into account. You can see (and enjoy) the results at number 4 Calle del Buen Gobernador, in Madrid.